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Kashmir White Granite Countertops in Morehead City NC

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kashmir White granite is found in its natural form primarily in India. It is a fine- or medium-grained Eurasian organic stone that dates to the Precambrian period of history. Most prepared slabs of Kashmir White granite are processed either directly in India or exported for processing to China.

Kashmir White granite is one of the lightest, unaffected shades of granite, and perhaps the truest “white” granite available. Though, like all granite, the color variations in Kashmir White granite will differ slightly from slab to slab, the overwhelming appearance is that of a dark white to pale gray stone with very small to medium crimson, maroon, or berry-colored embedded pieces known as garnets.

Due to its pale coloration, Kashmir White is one of the most difficult granites to maintain. While darker granites may be sealed once each year, the more porous Kashmir White requires sealing every six to eight months. With Coastal Granite Countertops and Tile, we provide each granite countertops with a lifetime sealant. This will help maintain your granite countertops and protect it from spills or stains.

When shopping for Kashmir White granite, you may find it marketed under a long list of other names, including Kashmire White, Cashmere White, Cashmire White, Bianco Kashmere White, Kashmere White, WG204, and other similar various spellings. These are all the same type of granite, meeting the standards of Kashmir White.